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“Unlocking a World of Actual Advertising Expenditure Data”

Welcome to SMI’s Reports page

Here you can access a range of reports which provide the top-line detail you need to better understand the media advertising landscape and your place within it.

SMI offers individual country-based Category Reports to fill the information gaps now faced by advertisers and marketers worldwide by providing actual Category expenditure data (not estimates) across all Media and Media Sub Sectors.

And SMI’s Global Report details the high level Media and Category advertising expenditure trends across the countries from which we collect Agency booking data.

Individual Media Reports are also available, but only with the purchase of a Category report.

More detail on all Reports and pricing options is available below:

Click here if you have any queries on the data or Reports.

SMI Category Reports

Delivering Actual Category Advertising Expenditure For All Media and Media Sectors Each Month

SMI’s Category Reports are available for the following Categories* in Australia:
Standard Media Index - Category Reports

SMI’s Category Reports provide marketers with a new level of industry knowledge:

Shows Category data for all eight major Media and 33 Media Sub Sectors
Fills numerous data gaps (ie no Category data exists for Subscription TV; Regional Radio, and some Outdoor sectors. And existing Category data for Digital is estimates only)
Reports contain a snapshot of the Category’s Digital Ad Type share splits
Primary source data (extracted from Agencies, not publisher provided)
Actual Data, not estimates
Please note no client detail is ever shown in the Reports.

As such, SMI’s Category Reports answer the following questions for marketers:

What was the total amount spent by my Category across each of the eight major Media and their 33 Media sectors last month?

Based on that information, has my company under/over spent relative to my Category in each Media and Media sector? Do I need to increase my expenditure to ensure my share of voice is maintained at current levels?

How does that total Category expenditure compare to the level of bookings for my Category in the prior corresponding periods? (ie how does Auto’s spend on Consumer Magazines in May 2014 compare to May 2013, May 2012 and May 2011?) SMI provides the historical context in all reports.

How much did my Category contribute to each Media’s total spend for that month? (ie what share of TV spend was contributed by Retail advertisers in the past month and how has that changed over time?) Therefore, what is my relative importance to each media?

Within the Digital media, what share of my Category’s total Digital bookings was allocated to the Display Ad Type (format), the Video Ad Type, Mobile Ad Type, Search etc?

From which state-based Agency market is the bulk/least of my Category’s expenditure being derived? (how much of Retail spend, for example, came from Sydney Agencies v Melbourne Agencies. AU Data only.)

Access to the SMI Category data not only greatly improves the internal analytics and benchmarking functions of marketers but also ensures:
Marketers are better informed as they work on the media planning/strategy processes with their Agency partners.
Decisions in relation to all media and marketing budgets are made based on the market reality, not suppositions.

SMI Media Reports

Providing a High Level View of Agency Expenditure Trends within Each Media Each Month

SMI’s Media Reports give subscribers a quick overview of Agency booking trends within the individual Media.

SMI assigns the bookings of its Agency partners to six main media globally (TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor, Newspapers and Magazines) with a separate Cinema report produced for the Australian market.

Some top-level Category detail is also included in each report, but that detail is specific for that individual Media, summarizing the level of demand from each of the five largest Categories that spend with that Media.

Standard Media Index - Media Reports

Given that, these reports are aimed at senior Media executives who require an instant snapshot of advertising demand. As such the reports include:

Detail on each media’s Top 5 Categories for the latest period (and YOY change)
Detail on booking trends within each of the Media’s sub-sectors
Some individual market detail (ie Agency bookings onto Metropolitan Radio by geographic State)

SMI Global Report

Detailing Actual Agency Expenditure Trends Across Countries Each Quarter

SMI collects media Agency expenditure data in 15 countries from our Global media Agency partners, and currently publishes the data in four of those (US, UK, Australia and NZ), with more countries due for release later this year.

All data is collected at both the Media and Category level, with global data allocation templates enabling like-for-like analysis across all markets despite local idiosyncrasies.

As a result, all country-based data is rolled into a Global cube from which we have created the SMI Global Report.

Standard Media Index - Global Reports

SMI’s Global Report includes the following Global advertising:

Changing trends for the main media of TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Digital and Outdoor by Country market, back to 2009
Detail on expenditure trends for each Country’s major media sub sectors (ie in Digital the sub sectors include Search, Social Networks, Exchanges)
Detailed Category expenditure trends for some categories across country markets and by main media


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