Bringing Decision
Grade Ad Expenditure
and Pricing Data to
the Canadian Market

The world’s most accurate and detailed
advertising intelligence data.

Standard Media Index provides the world’s most accurate and detailed advertising intelligence data through the unique sourcing of all agency spend directly from major media buying holding groups and leading independents.

Standard Media Index has quickly become the most trusted source of advertising pricing and spend data in The U.S., The U.K., Australia, and New Zealand and are proud to be launching in the Canadian market. Insights delivered by Standard Media Index’s pool of $7billion, or 94% of national brand spend, will give much needed transparency and accuracy to what has been a very opaque Canadian market.

We provide the media ecosystem with tools and insights to monitor and respond in an incredibly fast-moving and evolving marketplace, reporting on all media types, publishers and categories two weeks after the end of each month.


In Canada, Standard Media Index captures an incredible 94% of all national brand spend.

“Historically, Canada has been a very opaque media market, providing many challenges for agencies trying to get a complete understanding of the market dynamics. Mediabrands is proud to be a foundational agency partner in the launch of Standard Media Index (SMI) in Canada. SMI has proven themselves in other major markets around the world over the past decade and we are looking forward to the comprehensive, accurate and detailed advertising intelligence data they will provide us and our clients. This information will help establish important benchmarks, that will allow all players in the ecosystem to gain a better understanding of the relative importance of each of the media channels by category.”

Brad Hugill, Managing Director at MAGNA

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the Canadian media industry.

The Canadian media marketplace declined – 33.2% in March and April, following the outbreak of COVID-19 in North America.

Access to spend data across 6 major holding groups and leading independent agencies:


By aggregating and structuring all media spend from the billing systems of agency partners, Standard Media Index offers detailed ad intelligence across all media types, including television, digital, out-of-home, print, and radio. Depending on the market, data can be broken down by unit cost, media owner, ad type, advertiser product category, and other dimensions.

Media Owners SMI reports on include:

SMI Canadian Product Category List:


Alcoholic Beverages

Apparel & Footwear

Automotive Aftermarket Parts & Services

Automotive Vehicles & Dealerships

Banking & Investments

Casual Dining

Consumer Electronics

Credit Cards


Food, Produce & Dairy

General Organizations

General Products

General Services

Health & Fitness

Household Supplies


Medical Equipment & Facilities

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Online Retailers

OTC Medicines & Remedies

Other Stores

Personal Care

Prescription Drugs

Quick Service Restaurants

Specialty Retailers



Toys & Video Games

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Canadian Products:

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SMI Core Canada
SMI Advanced Digital Canada

Who is SMI for?


Compare your agency’s spend with the marketplace to gain new business


Cross-platform view of revenue, competitive positioning


Category benchmarking to gauge market position and uncover media opportunity


Uncover signals about media companies’ fundamental performance


Help create true lifetime value for owned content using real-world ad spend

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