Standard Media Index is the most trusted source of advertising expenditure and pricing data in the marketplace. SMI accesses actual spend from the world’s largest media buying groups, as well as leading independents, and then organizes that data to create a clear, granular, and easy-to-use database for our clients and agency partners.

Depending on the market, SMI captures between 70 and 95% of all agency spend. By aggregating it, SMI offers detailed ad intelligence across all media types, including Television, Digital, Out-of-Home, Print, and Radio. Depending on the market, data can be broken down by unit cost, media owner, ad type, buy type, advertiser product category, and other dimensions.

Clients use SMI data to determine media mix models, create competitive benchmarks, and gain visibility into pricing level data. The data also allow them to understand marketplace trends on a product category level, evaluate ROI of tentpoles and sporting events, and break out ad formats by media type to highlight the effectiveness of different kinds of placements.

Our data supports insights covering 34 countries around the world – and that number is growing.


Decisions Are Being Made Using SMI Data at the Major Media Holding Groups and Leading Independents:


At SMI, our mission is to enhance decision making at the world’s leading data driven companies through actionable advertising expenditure and pricing data. We strive to be the most trusted global source of accurate and timely intelligence data on the advertising market


James Fennessy

Global CEO, New York, USA

Ben Tatta

President, New York, USA

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SVP, Finance & Operations, New York, US

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SVP, Product & Data, New York, US

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Managing Director, Canada

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SVP, Marketing, North America

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Alberto Leyes

Global Head of Strategy

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Jane Ractliffe

Managing Director, Aus/NZ

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Michael Wiggins

VP, Technology, New York, US

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Aubrey Hodges

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VP, Strategic Partnerships, New York, US

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VP, Strategic Partnerships, New York, US

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Priya Singh

VP, Data Operations, New York, US

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Jerrold Jackson, PhD

VP, Analytics & Insights, New York, US