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Standard Media Index.  Don’t Estimate, Know.

Standard Media Index, in conjunction with our agency and brand partners, makes it possible for the industry to have a real-world view into advertising spend by product category, ad revenue to media publishers and digital platforms, media pricing including CPMs, and future-booked commitments.

How We Help

Media Agencies

Agencies see their data at a campaign-level harmonized across all their markets and clients.  However, they cannot review other agency data unless a reporting threshold is met for the market. Other types of organizations, like media companies, can subscribe to product category data (but no campaign-level data).

Media Publishers

Media publishers use SMI products and platforms to gauge the market, compare their performance to key competitors, evaluate media trends for strategic insight in content development or acquisition, understand product category performance, among many other applications.

Brands and Consulting Firms

Brands and consulting firms can evaluate market trends for their (or their client’s) product category.  They can work with their agency to obtain campaign-level tracking (for their own campaigns only) to support modeling and other advanced analytical endeavors.

Investment Managers

Investment managers and other financial services organizations to, among other concerns, validate ad spend against stock price, help gauge profitability of publicly traded companies, as well as evaluate strength and weakness of ad sales revenues.

Content Owners and Rights’ Holders

Content owners use SMI data to help support distribution negotiation strategy with media distributors (networks, stations, streaming services, and the like).  They can better gauge content lifecycle revenues with more accurate pricing and ad spend data.

Standard Media Index. Don’t Estimate, Know.

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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