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A Look Back on 2021 to Inform the Market for 2022 – an ACA Webinar
April 27, 2022
On February 3, 2022, Standard Media Index collaborated with The Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) on a webinar to look back at what 2021 brought to the ad market and how it will affect 2022.  In this webinar, attended by 40+ professionals across multiple brands and categories, Kelly Fedoruk, Senior Client Solutions Manager at Standard Media Index, presented a look at 2021 National Brand ad spend across Canada and other English-Language Markets.  We looked at Canada’s role on the global stage, as we...

Exclusive view of Linear TV’s Stellar 2021 Year in Canada – a ThinkTV Webinar
January 30, 2022
In this session from the Future of TV Advertising Canada Forum, Darrick Li, Managing Director of Standard Media Index, looks at the driving factors to the ad market rebound in Canada.

What is driving ad expenditure in Canada as we reach the inflection point in the ad market rebound?
September 29, 2021
In this session from the Future of TV Advertising Canada Forum, Darrick Li, Managing Director of Standard Media Index, looks at the driving factors to the ad market rebound in Canada.

NFL Opening Night 2021-22 Kicks Off Double-Digit Growth in Paid Unit Rates
September 21, 2021
The NFL season kicked off on schedule on September 9th, and networks hope it will be business as usual on the ad front.

Future of TV Advertising Forum
July 12, 2021
In this session from the Future of TV Advertising Forum, Ben Tatta, President of Standard Media Index, looks at the business side behind the explosion of AVOD services. SMI reports the actual investment trends for ad-supported services, including the CPMs they are commanding.

NFL TV Ad Revenue up to $3.4 Billion in 2020/2021 Season
March 11, 2021
In an increasingly fragmented video landscape, the NFL continues to be a juggernaut that generates billions of dollars in ad revenue for their cable and broadcast partners each year.

TV Advertising Rebounds With A Strong Scatter Market
January 20, 2021
SMI’s upfront/scatter report provides insight on where and when national TV ad dollars were allocated by programming genre and by broadcast or cable TV, during the first quarter (Oct-Dec 2020) of the 2020-21 broadcast season.

Canadians Rejoice as Sports Return
August 7, 2020
After more than three months, live sports returned to the delight of fans, publishers and advertisers. Starting in late July, three of Canada’s most popular team sports; hockey, basketball and baseball were back in action. After a dismal second quarter, caused by the lack of sports, this could not happen fast enough for the advertising marketplace.

National TV Market March and First Quarter 2020: Covid-19 begins to bite
May 4, 2020
The effect of Covid-19 on advertising and media industries were first felt with the final three weeks of March, impacting the revenue of the month and to a lesser extent first quarter 2020. SMI’s AccuTV Broadcast Report for the month and quarter point this out. James Fennessy, the CEO of Standard Media Index says, “In March we began to see the impact of Cov-19 on the advertising marketplace. SMI with its unique ability to accurately measure the ad marketplace, will be able to know not only how deep the economic slowdown will be, but also when the ad marketplace will rebound”.

January National TV Numbers Hold Up Despite Ratings Falls
March 9, 2020
Standard Media Index’s (SMI) just released January data show the six major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Telemundo and Univision), collectively pulled in $1.5 billion in gross ad revenue, a year-to-year increase of 4%. Cable snagged slightly over $1.8 billion in gross ad revenue for the month, a decline of 4.4% when compared to January 2019. Overall, total national television gross revenue fell by a modest 1.2%.

MSNBC Has a Breakout Year with Advertisers in 2019
March 9, 2020
The three cable news networks have been a popular destination with viewers in recent years, especially MSNBC. Analyzing ad intel from Standard Media Index confirms their popularity...

The Power of Three: Merger and Ad Spend Shifts Revealed in New Data From SMI
January 23, 2020
According to the Rule of Three in economics, all industries mature into three dominant competitors. And that’s certainly evident in the linear TV business. Between them, ViacomCBS, NBCUniversal Media and The Walt Disney Co. now have a 55% share of all ad revenue on National broadcast and cable TV channels

Major Marketers Up 6% on a Two-Year CAGR Basis
June 10, 2019
the most trusted source of advertising pricing and spend data in the marketplace, today reported that it currently expects the full U.S. advertising marketplace to expand by 8% in 2019 (excluding cyclical events like the Olympics and World Cup). While major marketers are anticipated to grow a mere 2.5%, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), who generally self-manage their ad spending through digital tools, will grow by nearly 14%. “Exponential growth can’t last forever as the industry matures, but these growth level declines are much more than an issue of percentages off expanding bases,” said James Fennessy, Standard Media Index CEO.