What you wish you knew.

Standard Media Index has the only accurate, actionable ad spend data fresh from the invoicing source, so you can tackle high stakes decisions with confidence.

A brilliant perspective on ad spend.

Most analytics companies rely on a mix of rate cards, estimates, or even fancy ‘guesstimates’ to model ad spend. At Standard Media Index, we get our information straight from the booking and invoice systems of our media holding partners. Together, that data forms a precise view of ad spend across many platforms.

Data that's always moving.

Information from last year will only get you so far. We receive near real-time ad spend figures from our partners across 5 global markets and refresh our database monthly, so our clients can act swiftly.

Super accurate insights to guide smart calls.

Make crucial decisions with confidence. Standard Media Index lets you apply the dimensions you need to identify revenue opportunities, create a laser-focused picture of your market, and measure campaign success.

Our data plays well with others, too.

In addition to offering full-service solutions, Standard Media Index’s insights can be seamlessly employed to complement your existing data sources.

Ready for you to run with it.

Content owners, brands and financial institutions all use Standard Media Index in their own unique ways. Discover what we can do for you.