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OTT Set For Significant Ad Revenue Growth Worldwide
December 10, 2020
I was asked this month to share some AVOD and OTT insights at the Global – Future of TV Forum. As you know, OTT consumption has been growing with new platforms and with more premium video content available. And consumer adoption, especially during the pandemic, grew considerably. As a result, advertisers are allocating more of their ad budget on this fast-growing medium.

Ad Spend Stabilizes in 4th Quarter of Broadcast Year 2019-2020
October 21, 2020
Performance during the July to September quarter is key for the media industry, with the transition from Summer into Fall; and in some markets, it represents the conclusion of a broadcast season and the start of a new one. This year’s third quarter was even more interesting, as the media industry across all Anglo markets attempted to recover from a disastrous second quarter as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

In Second Quarter 2020 the Ad Marketplace Bottomed Out in 5 Anglo Markets, Standard Media Index Ad Spend Data Finds
September 15, 2020
In second quarter 2020 the full impact of the COVID pandemic on the ad marketplace was felt globally. According to Standard Media Index (SMI), second quarter ad spend dropped by an average of -37.1% across five major Anglo markets, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, year-over-year. SMI reports ad spend declines had continued and even accelerated throughout second quarter after the pandemic first hit in mid-March. There are, fortunately, indications of a partial recovery in the ad marketplace within third quarter.

Major Marketers Up 6% on a Two-Year CAGR Basis
June 10, 2019
the most trusted source of advertising pricing and spend data in the marketplace, today reported that it currently expects the full U.S. advertising marketplace to expand by 8% in 2019 (excluding cyclical events like the Olympics and World Cup). While major marketers are anticipated to grow a mere 2.5%, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), who generally self-manage their ad spending through digital tools, will grow by nearly 14%. “Exponential growth can’t last forever as the industry matures, but these growth level declines are much more than an issue of percentages off expanding bases,” said James Fennessy, Standard Media Index CEO.

SMI Launches NZ’s First Monthly Digital AD Format Data
April 1, 2019
STANDARD Media Index and its NZ media Agency partners have today launched the first monthly view of Online Video, Display and Native ad spend for the NZ advertising market, providing valuable new insights into this significant media.

National Advertising Market Gains 7% in October
November 28, 2018
Standard Media Index, the most trusted source of ad pricing and revenue data, announced that the national advertising marketp...

National Advertising Market Gains 10% in July
August 27, 2018
Standard Media Index, the only advertising intelligence firm to source detailed and complete data directly from the major age...

National Advertising Market Gains 5% in Q2
July 23, 2018
Standard Media Index, the only advertising intelligence firm to source detailed and complete data directly from the major age...

National TV Jumps 4% in April
June 4, 2018
Standard Media Index, the only advertising intelligence firm to source detailed and complete data directly from the major agency holding groups, unveiled national advertising revenue figures for April.  National TV increased ad revenue 4% in April YOY, with Cable up 6% and Broadcast flat. These figures exclude the NCAA Basketball Final Four Semifinals, which took place in April last year and in March this year.

SMI Australia Launches World First Outdoor Ad Format Data
May 2, 2018
AUSTRALIA’S media Agency market has scored another world first, with Standard Media Index today releasing the first ad spend for Outdoor Ad Format (Static v Digital) ad spend...

National Ad Market Jumps 8% in February, Excluding Olympics
March 26, 2018
National TV Up 7.6% with Sports & Cable News Delivering All Gains Standard Media Index, the only adver...

US Ad Market Roars into 2018 by Jumping 10.8% in January
February 23, 2018
The total US ad market grew by 10.8% in January 2018 compared to January 2017, driven by significant gains in National Television and Digital platforms.

NFL Ad Spend Declined -1.2% in 2017 Regular Season
January 25, 2018
Advertising revenue during in-game NFL programming declined -1.2% during the 2017 regular season, earning a total $2.42 Billion dollars, according to ...