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Press Mentions

Pandora rolls out 3 personalized ad formats

Pandora has boosted ad revenue 54% during the January to July period of 2018 from a year earlier, according to Standard Media Index.

August 29th 2018 | Mobile Marketer

July National TV Ads Up 3% Excluding World Cup

National television advertising revenue rose 3% in July excluding revenue from the World Cup.

August 29th 2018 | Broadcasting & Cable

Cable, Broadcast News Ad Demand Expands

In July, cable TV news networks continued to show soaring revenue gains. But for the first time this year, broadcast networks posted advertising revenue improvement.

August 28th 2018 | MediaPost

CNN Will Say Goodbye to Anthony Bourdain with a Final Season This Fall

In the first half of 2018, commercials on first-run episodes of “Parts Unknown” went for an average of $8,601, the most of any CNN program, according to Standard Media Index.

August 1st 2018 | Los Angeles Times

2Q TV Ad Spending Down As Price of Spots Slides

Television ad spending dipped 1% in the second quarter—factoring out the World Cup. According to figures from SMI, the cost of an average paid commercial fell 3.4%.

July 23rd 2018 | Broadcasting & Cable

Amazon Advertising is Working Directly with Brands Now, Cutting Out Ad Agencies

According to data from Standard Media Index, an advertising intelligence company, Amazon ad revenue is up from 36 percent from last year from national advertisers.

July 19th 2018 | Digiday

Shootouts and a Cinderella Story Boost Fox’s World Cup Ratings

Telemundo is on pace to surpass its stated revenue goal of $225 million for this year’s World Cup.

July 13th 2018 | Ad Age

Why Telemundo’s World Cup Ad Revenue Will Surpass Fox Sports’, Despite Lower Ratings

Telemundo has beaten Univision’s 2014 World Cup ad revenue total—$177 million, according to Standard Media Index, compared to $111.6 million for ESPN and ABC.

July 13th 2018 | AdWeek

ABC Is Considering a Roseanne Replacement—Without Roseanne Barr

Standard Media Index, which tracked close to 80 percent of national ad spending on the show, estimated that ABC’s 2017-18 ad revenue for Roseanne was closer to $16.5 million for last season.

June 4th 2018 | AdWeek

As Television Gets More Digital, TV Advertising Needs To Follow Suit

Television advertising revenue was up 7.1% in January 2018, according to the latest stats from the Standard Media Index.

March 2nd 2018 | Forbes

2017 Ad Spending in Review

After windfall revenues in 2016, the advertising market continued to increase by another 3.7% in 2017 to more than $53 billion. Digital was the largest driver of the growth, increasing 12%. Meanwhile, national television dropped 3% in 2017; however, that was in comparison to the prior year which included the Summer Olympics and the Presidential election — both big moneymakers for the networks.

February 27th 2018 | MediaVillage

Big Bucks for Big Game Ads

FOX Business discusses NFL ad revenue based on SMI data on the show “Making Money with Charles Payne.”

January 30th 2018 | FOX Business

Advertisers Pull Back on NFL Spending

Marketers spent $2.42 billion on in-game NFL commercials in 2017, a 1.2 percent decline from the previous regular season, according to Standard Media Index, which tracked outlays at NBC, CBS, Fox and ESPN. Ad spending had increased the two previous seasons.

January 25th 2018 | Bloomberg

CMO Today: NFL Ratings; Latest on Uber and Fetch Legal Dispute; Publisher View on Facebook

Football remains one of the most attractive draws on television for advertisers. Standard Media Index data show overall in-game NFL ad sales revenue was up 2% from last year.

January 4th 2018 | The Wall Street Journal

NFL Ratings Are Down This Season, but TV Ad Spending Still Jumped 2 Percent in September

Ad spend on NFL games in September increased 2 percent from the year prior, according to new data from Standard Media Index.

October 23rd 2017 | AdWeek

Despite Ratings Issues, NFL Ad Revenue Up in September

While there is concern that ratings are down for NFL broadcasts, advertising revenue continues to be strong, according to the latest figures from Standard Media Index.

October 23rd 2017 | Broadcasting & Cable

Ad Revenues Increase for NFL Broadcasts Despite Flagging Viewership

Standard Media Index estimates that in-game ad revenues were up 2% in September, to $513M. That’s despite league-wide ratings down about 5% Y/Y.

October 23rd 2017 | Seeking Alpha

NFL Games Draw 2% Increase in Ad Spending During September, SMI Says

SMI said that while revenue did increase slightly, there was also an increase in makegoods (or audience deficiency units) across all TV networks that air NFL games.

October 23rd 2017 | FierceCable

NFL Posts Small Uptick In September TV Ad Revenues

Across five national networks, TV advertising for the NFL pulled in $513 million versus $504 million in September 2016, according to Standard Media Index.

October 23rd 2017 | MediaPost

NFL Has Lower Ratings, But Pricier TV Spots

With a week to go before the start of the new NFL season, perception problems remain for the league — but probably not with national TV advertising dollars.

August 31st 2017 | MediaPost

Here’s Why the Effects of Advertising’s Brand Safety Crisis Will Be Permanent

In the second quarter, YouTube’s direct ad spend fell 26%, according to the Standard Media Index.

August 31st 2017 | The Huffington Post

Fox Will Air Shorter Advertisements During NFL Games

National Football League ad for 2016 hit a record $3.5 billion, up 3 percent over 2015, according to research firm Standard Media Index (SMI).

August 31st 2017 | New York Business

IABNZ’s Internet Advertising Report: New Methodology, Desktop Leads the Way and Mobile Remains Small

Interactive advertising revenue reached $431.1 million over the first half of 2017 according to the IABNZ’s revamped internet advertising report.

August 29th 2017 | StopPress

Axios Media Trends – Pharma Ad Market Skyrockets

 According to Standard Media Index, pharmaceutical advertising is booming, while other category leaders continue to decline.

August 29th 2017 | Axios

Celebrity Gossip Shows from Page Six and Daily Mail Bring a Tabloid War to TV

Ad spending on first-run syndicated TV programming is up 6.5% through the first seven months of 2017 to $1.9 billion, according to Standard Media Index.

August 25th 2017 | Los Angeles Times

YouTube Finally Realized Neo-Nazis are Bad for Business

The brand safety crisis caused direct advertising spending on YouTube to decrease by 26 percent year-over-year in the second quarter of 2017, according to Standard Media Index.

August 25th 2017 | Vice News

SMI: Radio Hotter Than July With 22% National Ad Revenue Rise.

After several disappointing months of declining advertising spending, radio can finally toast some positive news from July as billings spiked double-digits.

August 24th 2017 | InsideRadio

Standard Media Index: YouTube’s Direct Ad Spend Down 26% In Q2 Amid Brand Safety Crackdown

While Google claimed advertisers are returning to YouTube, data from Standard Media Index reveals advertisers really did tighten their purse strings after the video platform’s brand safety scare.

August 24th 2017 | AdExchanger

National TV Ad Revenues Rose 2.5% in July, SMI Says

Revenues for the national television advertising market rose 2.5% in July thanks largely to growth at cable networks, according to Standard Media Index.

August 23rd 2017 | FierceCable

Sports Gave TV Advertising a Boost in July, SMI Says

National TV ad revenue rose 2.5% in July thanks largely to gains in sports on cable, according to new figures from research company Standard Media Index.

August 23rd 2017 | Broadcasting & Cable

Digital Media Returns High Growth For July, TV Posts 5% Gain

After a few months of slower growth, digital-media advertising revenue has resumed its double-digit climb -with social media, search and internet radio among its strongest performers.

August 23rd 2017 | MediaPost

Sports Helps Cable’s July Ad Spend

Cable saw a nearly 30 percent increase in spending around sports programming last month, according to advertising intelligence company Standard Media Index.

August 23rd 2017 | Cablefax

Automotive Advertisers Underpin Australian Media as Other Advertisers Fall Away, Data Reveals

Growth in the Australian advertising sector is being underpinned by the automotive industry, with TV and digital relying heavily on car makers for revenue as other sectors fall away.

August 23rd 2017 | Mumbrella

SMI July: Agencies Start New Year in an Uncertain State, Ad Spend Down 12.5%

The media agency market has started the new financial year in an uncertain state, with total demand down 12.5% to $496.6m, reports SMI.

August 17th 2017 | Mediaweek

SMI Data: Tough Start to New Financial Year For Agency Market

Australia’s media agency market has started the new financial year in an uncertain state, with total demand back 12.5 per cent to $496.6 million.

August 16th 2017 | B&T

Axios Media Trends – The Print Cliff

Print ad revenue in the U.S. was down 17% between Q2 2016 and Q2 2017, per Standard Media Index’s latest total ad spend report.

August 15th 2017 | Axios

SMI Agency Ad Spend Figures: Outdoor Outpaces Digital growth for FY 2016/2017

SMI chief executive Jane Schulze says “New Zealand is probably the most buoyant advertising market” compared to surveys conducted across Australia, Europe, and the UK.

August 15th 2017 | StopPress

Failed APN Outdoor Merger Attempt Cost Ooh! $2 Million

Ooh!Media has reported an 18% lift in revenue for the first half of the year and says half of its revenue now comes from digital.

August 14th 2017 | AdNews

SMI Product Categories Triple Across All Media

Marketers now have unprecedented visibility into actual advertising expenditure in their specific markets, with SMI tripling the number of product categories for which it provides data.

August 3rd 2017 | Mediaweek

SMI Triples Product Categories Across All Media, Offers Cross-channel Data

Marketers now have unprecedented visibility into actual advertising expenditure in their specific markets for the first time ever, with Standard Media Index (SMI) tripling the number of product categories for which it provides data to 126.

August 3rd 2017 | B&T

SMI Expands Coverage of Product Categories

Marketers will be given more detailed cross-platform advertising spending and share of voice data after Standard Media Index tripled the number of product categories it reports.

August 3rd 2017 | Mumbrella

24/7 News Cycle and Digital Save the Day for the Ad Market in First Half

While National TV overall was flat, there were stand-out performers as well as some signs of concern. What is apparent, as we review SMI’s data, is that there are fascinating trends.

August 3rd 2017 | MediaVillage

Retailers Grew This by $90 Million in FY17

Australia’s retail advertisers were the largest advertising spenders from any product category in the 2017 financial year, according to research from the Standard Media Index (SMI).

July 31st 2017 | ragtrader

Australian News Media Sees 11% Fall in Ad Revenues

Advertising revenues across both print and digital for the news media industry slipped by 10.9% in the last financial year, figures released by industry body NewsMediaWorks today reveal.

July 31st 2017 | Mumbrella

News Media’s Ad Revenue Plunges By Double Digits For FY17

Australia’s news media sector has reported a double-digit drop in ad revenue for the last financial year, with premium news media websites continuing to struggle in the programmatic sector.

July 31st 2017 | B&T

Advertisers Warned Against Snubbing Premium Publishers

Premium publisher sites are being “under-represented” in programmatic media buys, says News Media Works CEO Peter Miller.

July 31st 2017 | AdNews

Digital Media Again Powers Rise In Q2 YOY Ad Revenues.

Aided by a surge in digital media ad revenues, the advertising market perked up 3.8% in Q2 2017, compared to the same period a year ago, according to new estimates by Standard Media Index.

July 25th 2017 | InsideRadio

Ad Market Sees Uptick, Digital Rises 11%

The U.S. advertising market grew 3.8% in the second quarter of this year – largely due to an 11% gain in digital media. Standard Media Index says this followed a 2.8% increase in the first quarter.

July 21st 2017 | MediaPost

Despite a Stronger Than Anticipated Upfront, TV Ad Revenue Was Flat in the Second Quarter

The just-concluded upfront market was stronger than expected, but the national TV market was relatively flat year over year in the second quarter, according to new data from Standard Media Index.

July 21st 2017 | AdWeek

SMI: National TV Ad Spending Flat in Second Quarter

National TV advertising spending was basically flat in the second quarter, according to the latest figures from research company Standard Media Index.

July 21st 2017 | Broadcasting & Cable

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Show Boasts Most Expensive Cable News Ads, Study Finds

During the months of April, May and June, the average price of a 30-second ad on Tucker Carlson Tonight was $13,779, the highest rate on cable news, SMI said.

July 21st 2017 | The Hollywood Reporter

TV Upfronts Defy Predictions of Doom and Gloom

Even as ratings sink, analysts estimate ad sales volume is up 3  percent to 4  percent over 2016.

July 20th 2017 | The Hollywood Reporter

How Brands and Publishers can Create Effective Digital Video Content

Excluding digital, television advertising spend is down 2.9%, according to Standard Media Index figures for May, while digital’s latest interim result saw the sector’s ad spend grow 16.9% year-on-year.

July 19th 2017 | Mumbrella

TV, Outdoor and Cinema Media Bookings Grow in Non-govt Categories

Television, cinema and outdoor media bookings had a strong June across most categories once the effects of last year’s federal election are taken into account, according to the latest SMI figures.

July 18th 2017 | AdNews

SMI June: Agency Spend Sets New FY Record Over $7.1 Billion

Australia’s media agency market is this month feeling the full effect of last year’s pre-federal election advertising deluge with government category spending now back 69% year-on-year.

July 18th 2017 | Mediaweek

ESPN, Broadcasters Are Said to Confront Football Ad Slump

TV networks including ESPN are bracing for a drop in advertising revenue for football games in the coming season, which could drag down sales growth for sports broadcasts overall, advertising and television executives say.

July 13th 2017 | Bloomberg Technology

Behind the Scenes at ‘Fox & Friends,’ America’s Most Influential Morning Show

Fox & Friends has pulled in $32 million in ad revenue since the election, according to ad tracking firm Standard Media Index.

July 13th 2017 | The Hollywood Reporter

Fox News Still No. 1, and Spending Less Money to Stay There

The Wall Street Journal catches up with several Fox News anchors and network chief Rupert Murdoch following a year of tumult at the network.

July 11th 2017 | TVNewser

Amid Turbulence, Fox News Holds On to No. 1 Spot as MSNBC Rises

Tucker Carlson is besting Bill O’Reilly’s performance among adults 25 to 54, enabling him to earn $14,100 per 30-second ad slot, according to ad-tracking firm Standard Media Index.

July 10th 2017 | The Wall Street Journal

Consumer Electronics Brands Cut Digital Ad Spend

Consumer electronics brands in Australia appear to be reverting to a selection of traditional media channels after cutting their digital adspend in the first quarter of the year.

July 3rd 2017 | WARC

Ad-Spend Down For Consumer Electronics

New reports claim that consumer electronics marketers have decreased their advertising expenditure in the first quarter of 2017.

June 30th 2017 | ChannelNews

Consumer Electronics Brands Switch Back to Traditional Channels as Digital Drops

onsumer electronics brands are turning back to traditional media channels as digital spend decreased in the first quarter of this year, according to Standard Media Index (SMI) figures.

June 30th 2017 | AdNews

Pharma Marketing: Here’s Where the Drug Money Goes

Pharmaceutical companies are shifting more of their digital budgets towards programmatically-traded advertising to better contextually target campaigns.

June 29th 2017 | AdNews

TV Upfront Market, After A Slow Start, Might Be Helped By Stable Economy

The adage about a rising tide lifting all boats seems to be especially relevant to the major television networks as they swing into the homestretch of this year’s upfront ad sales season.

June 23rd 2017 | Deadline

MSNBC Gives Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt a Show

The commentator is joining MSNBC’s Saturday morning lineup, a move that is sure to raise eyebrows at the network and among its left-leaning fans.

June 22nd 2017 | Hollywood Reporter

Knowledge is Power: Jane Schulze on How SMI Data is Key to Unlocking Digital

When Standard Media Index (SMI) first launched, the media industry was reliant on spending estimates and sector data as to how different sectors were performing.

June 22nd 2017 | mediaweek

Cable News Saw Big Ad Spend Increases in May, But Broadcast Prime Time Took a Hit

In May, the last month of the 2016-17 TV season, the national advertising market was up slightly year over year on the continued strength of cable news and lifestyle networks.

June 21st 2017 | AdWeek

U.S. Ad Spend Rises In May, Digital Up 16%

Reversing a slight April decline in U.S. advertising spending, May posted a 7% gain over the same month in 2016.

June 21st 2017 | MediaPost

Trump vs. Mainstream Media: MSNBC, CNN Make Millions Off President

Throughout his campaign and first six months of his administration, President Donald Trump has waged a war with the mainstream press such as CNN, The New York Times and many other outlets.

June 21st 2017 | Newsweek

SMI: National TV Ad Spending Up 2% in May

National TV ad spending rose 2% in May from a year ago, according to new figures from research company Standard Media Index.

June 21st 2017 | B&C

Nice Work If You Can Get It: As May C3 Ratings Fall 14%, Network Ad Revenue Rises

The final month of the 2016-17 broadcast season was something of a disaster from a ratings perspective, although the exodus of viewers didn’t precipitate a drop in ad spending.

June 21st 2017 | AdAge

Time Warner Will Create 10 Original Shows for Snapchat

Snapchat has many more shows, created by some of the top TV channels, coming over the next two years.

June 19th 2017 | Mashable

Exclusive: How You Are Spending Online

Australia’s retail sector continues to invest in digital media as it faces an increasingly disruptive market, the latest Standard Media Index (SMI) advertising payment data has revealed.

June 19th 2017 | Ragtrader

May Media Agency Bookings Drop Nearly 10%

Media agency bookings in May dropped by nearly 10% year-on-year due to the effects of last year’s federal election, according to Standard Media Index.

June 16th 2017 | AdNews

Upfronts Still Matter, Despite Sea of Advertising Choices

Based on ad spending from October to September, Standard Media Index saw the 2015-16 national broadcast and cable TV Upfront generated $14.5 billion in ad dollars for the primetime daypart.

June 5th 2017 | MediaVillage

President Trump is Late-Night TV’s Muse and Viewers are Loving It

While TV news pundits were still analyzing President Trump’s first address to Congress on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert was already milking it for late-night laughs.

May 5th 2017 | Los Angeles Times

Morning Scramble: Ad Dollars Surged at ‘CBS This Morning’ in 2016

In TV’s scorched-earth morning-TV wars, Madison Avenue is placing more stock in broadcast TV’s third-place show – a signal of growing confidence in CBS’ “CBS This Morning.”

March 23rd 2017 | Variety

Cable’s Top Morning Show ‘Fox & Friends’ Gets a Ratings Bump from its Biggest Fan, President Trump

Ad revenue for “Fox & Friends” rose 33% to $12.5 million during the fourth quarter of 2016 compared with the same period a year earlier, according to data from Standard Media Index.

March 15th 2017 | Los Angeles Times

NFL TV Ad Revenue Hits Record $3.5 Billion Despite Drop In Ratings

Ad revenue hit a record $3.5 billion, up 3% over 2015, according to research firm Standard Media Index.

March 2nd 2017 | Forbes

Trump Proves Comedy Gold for US Networks’ Late-Night Satire

The ratings bump has allowed NBC to charge advertisers more money. The average cost of a half-minute spot on SNL increased 86 per cent in January from a year ago, according to SMI.

February 26th 2017 | Financial Times

NBC Helps Drive TV Ad Spending Up 5.7% in January, SMI Says

In January, the television market witnessed a 5.7% increase in ad spending, according to Standard Media Index.

February 25th 2017 | FierceCable

Trump Continues to Be Lucrative for Cable News Networks, and SNL

Regardless of what one thinks about Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s been an unqualified success in at least one area: the ad revenue surge it’s providing to the networks and shows that are covering it.

February 24th 2017 | AdWeek

Why Snap’s Claim That TV Is Dying Is a Big Exaggeration

Television advertising spending totaled $64.3 billion in 2016, narrowly edging digital ad-spending at $63.9 billion, according to initial estimates compiled by Standard Media Index.

February 22nd 2017 | TheStreet

Rio Olympics and the Election Sparked a 4.4% Increase in TV Ad Revenue in 2016

The television ad market in 2016 saw a 4.4 percent revenue increase over 2015 thanks to the Summer Olympics and the election, according to new data from Standard Media Index.

January 25th 2017 | AdWeek

The Scatter Market Plateaus; Venture Capital Has Slowed For Ad Tech

After a scorching hot upfront period, Standard Media Index (SMI) notes the scatter market seems to have plateaued. Case in point: The broadcast scatter market was down 10.5% YoY in June.

August 30th 2016 | AdExchanger

This Summer, More Digital Backlash

Advertisers are moving their money back to cable and broadcast. Digital ad spending is still growing. But it’s no longer booming, or at least it’s not this summer.

August 27th 2016 | Media Life

TV Ad Spending Rose 3.2% to $2.4B in July

Ad spending on national TV rose 3.2% to $2.4 billion in July, powered by a big gain in cable, according to new figures from research company Standard Media Index.

August 26th 2016 | Broadcasting & Cable

National TV Ad Spend Up 3.2%; Cable Gains 5.6%

Total national TV advertising dollars grew by 3.2% in July to $2.46 billion -in line with overall U.S. advertising growth for the month- with cable networks posting the strongest results.

August 26th 2016 | MediaPost

Doldrums: Broadcast Ad Sales Growth Slows in July

Media bosses during the recent earnings season raved about the strength of the scatter market, but the July ad sales figures suggest that the once-torrid broadcast market may be cooling down.

August 26th 2016 | AdvertisingAge

SMI Enables ‘Full Market’ Coverage Of National TV, Provides Visibility On GroupM Spending

Standard Media Index is introducing a new modeling technique that will give the ad industry full market transparency of the national TV advertising marketplace.

July 27th 2016 | MediaPost

Madison Avenue Trading Volume Falls 10% In April, Up 18% From 12-Month Low

The U.S. ad marketplace declined 9.9% in April, according to a new dynamic market index of Madison Avenue’s media trading volume.

May 22nd 2015 | MediaPost

U.S. Ad Spending Ticks Up in January, But TV Remains Weak

TV networks are gearing up for the spring “upfronts,” where cable and broadcast companies present their upcoming seasons to marketers in the hopes of securing ad contracts.

February 24th 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

2014 Ends on A Weak Note for TV Networks

TV networks were hoping for a year-end surge in ad dollars thanks to holiday ad spending, but their shopping carts came up a bit empty.

January 22nd 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

SMI: TV Ad Spending Down 2% in November

Advertising spending on television declined 2% in November, according to new figures from research company Standard Media Index. Spending on cable was down 4%.

December 18th 2014 | Broadcasting & Cable

Scatter TV Share Improves, Weak Ad Market Remains

The scatter TV market continues to be the focus of this year’s 2014-2015 TV season advertising market — all in the wake of a weak upfront ad market set this past summer.

December 17th 2014 | MediaPost

TV Ad Spending Drops in October

Advertising spending on TV was down 9% in October, according to new data from Standard Media Index.

December 5th 2014 | Broadcasting & Cable

TV Ad Spending Drops in October: SMI

TV advertising dropped 9% in October, with cable’s rate of decline below the medium’s overall fall.

December 5th 2014 | Multichannel

Yet More Evidence That Advertisers Are Pulling Money Out Of TV

There is yet more quantifiable evidence advertisers are switching off from TV.

December 5th 2014 | Business Insider

Weak Upfront Sees Loss In Dollar Share For Broadcast, Cable

A softer-than-usual TV upfront market continues to hamper both broadcast and cable networks.

December 3rd 2014 | MediaPost

TV Ad Spend Falls In October As Movie Studios Cut Commercials

After suffering through a lackluster “upfront” market, TV is still trying to tune in advertising this fall while Madison Avenue embraces the digital world.

December 2nd 2014 | Variety
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Press Releases

National Advertising Market Gains 7% in October

The national advertising marketplace grew 7% in October 2018 year-over-year (YoY). National linear TV was flat.

November 28th 2018

National Television Maintained YoY Revenue for 2017-18 Broadcast Season

Data from the new and improved AccuTV shows that during the full 2017-18 Broadcast Season, excluding the quadrennial Winter Olympics and World Cup, National TV maintained revenue of $45.5 Billion.  This is the same as the prior year, despite declining audiences and continued pressure from Digital.

October 30th 2018

Standard Media Index and Nielsen Establish New Relationship to fuel SMI’s AccuTV with Nielsen Ad Intel Data

Standard Media Index (SMI), the most trusted data company in media pricing, is becoming even more accurate thanks to a new agreement with Nielsen.

October 15th 2018

National Advertising Market Gains 10% in July

The National Advertising market gained 10% YoY, when factoring out the World Cup. Looking across platforms, Digital was the strongest performer this quarter, growing 17%. That was followed by National TV at 3% (excluding the World Cup), Out-of-Home at 1%, Radio flat, and Print at -18%.

August 27th 2018

National Advertising Market Gains 5% in Q2

The National Advertising market gained 5% in Q2, despite a modest decline in National TV when factoring out the World Cup. Looking across platforms, Digital was the strongest performer this quarter.

July 23rd 2018

National TV Jumps 4% in April

National TV increased ad revenue 4% in April YOY, with Cable up 6% and Broadcast flat. These figures exclude the NCAA Basketball Final Four Semifinals.

June 4th 2018

National Ad Market Jumps 8% in February, Excluding Olympics

In February 2018, year-over-year (YoY) advertising revenue in National TV grew +12.0%, with an even +12% growth in Cable and +12% growth in Broadcast.

March 26th 2018

US Ad Market Roars into 2018 by Jumping 10.8% in January

The total US ad market grew by 10.8% in January 2018 compared to January 2017, driven by significant gains in National Television and Digital platforms.

February 23rd 2018

NFL Ad Spend Declined -1.2% in 2017 Regular Season

Advertising revenue during in-game NFL programming declined -1.2% during the 2017 regular season, earning a total $2.42 Billion dollars.

January 25th 2018

US Ad Market Grows by 3.7% in 2017 – Ad Spend on National TV Drops, While Digital, OOH, and Radio Grow

Through the entirety of 2017 (Jan. – Dec.), the advertising market grew 3.7%. Digital led the growth with an 11.9% increase. TV fell -3%, while Radio rose 5.9% and Out-of-Home rose 4.6%.

January 23rd 2018

US Ad Market Has a Strong November – Digital, National TV, OOH and Radio All See Growth

In November 2017, the total advertising market was up +5%. Digital continues to increase with +9% more spend in the month.

December 20th 2017

Australia’s Four Pillar Banks Gain Digital Ad Spend Transparency

Standard Media Index has created the first-ever bespoke industry database for Australia’s Four Pillar Banks, to deliver transparency around Digital media advertising expenditure.

December 4th 2017

US Ad Market Grows +7% in October 2017, Increases from Digital, Radio and National TV

In October 2017, the total advertising market was up +7%, thanks to continued investment in Digital which saw a +11% more spend, a +16% spike in Radio and a small +1% increase in National Television. Looking at the ad market year-to-date (Jan. – Oct. 2017), the overall advertising industry is still trending positive with +4% more spend than Jan. – Oct. 2016.

November 28th 2017

US Ad Market is Flat for Second Quarter in a Row, Market Through First Three Quarters of the Year Still up +2.3%

National Television Wanes Around Entertainment Programs, Digital and OOH Keep September Ad Market From Declining

October 25th 2017

Standard Media Index Taps TV, Media, and Analytics Veteran Meg Meurer Brossy to Lead Client Solutions

We’re excited to announce the addition of Meg Meurer Brossy to our management team, who will serve as our first-ever Senior Vice President of Client Solutions. Brossy brings more than two decades of developing, and leading, technology, analytics and media companies, building dynamic solutions for Fortune 100 brand advertisers, and helping companies understand the power of data and technology to advance their business objectives.

October 19th 2017

2017 August Ad Market Sees Effects of Last Year’s Olympics, But CYTD Market Still up 2.4%

In August 2017, the total advertising market was down -7% compared to the previous year, due to the extensive loss of dollars that the Rio Olympics added to the market last year, putting National TV -27% down!

September 21st 2017

Olympics, Census Provide Tough Hurdle in August But Market Remains Flat (ex Govt) this CYTD

AUSTRALIA’S media Agency market has started experienced another tough month in August but this time the softer demand was primarily due to the Rio Olympics and Census providing abnormal bookings last year, resulting in demand for August 2017 so far being back 12.1% to $526.5 million.

September 18th 2017

July Ad Market Delivers Strong Growth Thanks to Digital, Radio and Cable Sports

Standard Media Index (SMI), the advertising intelligence company bringing clarity to the ad industry, today unveiled updated advertising revenue figures for July 2017. The total advertising market closed up +12% compared to July 2016, thanks to Digital’s +19% YoY growth and an increase from Radio, which saw an astounding +22% YoY Growth. The National TV market ended July up +2.5% and Out-of-Home saw a rise of +2% compared to July 2016. Newspapers and Magazines still saw decreases of -16% and -6% compared to July 2016, respectively, but those declines are much less than where both ended Q2 2017.

August 18th 2017

SMI Product Categories Triple Across All Media,Giving Marketers Cross-Channel Ad Spend and Share of Voice Data for First Time

Marketers now have unprecedented visibility into actual advertising expenditure in their specific markets for the first time ever, with Standard Media Index (SMI) tripling the number of product categories for which it provides data to 126.

August 2nd 2017

During a Strong Upfront, Q2 National TV Ad Revenue Flat

Standard Media Index (SMI), the advertising intelligence company bringing clarity to the ad industry, today unveiled updated advertising revenue figures for Q2 2017. The total advertising market closed the quarter up +3.8% compared to Q2 2016, due to a strong showing by Digital which ended the quarter up +11% following modest single digit growth in Q1 2017.

July 21st 2017

Abnormal 2016 Govt Category Ad Spend Skews Agency Bookings in June and Q2 2017

AUSTRALIA’S media Agency market is this month feeling the full effect of last year’s pre-Federal election advertising deluge with Government Category spending now back 69% year-on- year and disguising solid underlying growth across key media and media sectors.

July 16th 2017

Sports and News Prop Up Advertising Market in April

With Nearly All Major Sports Leagues Having Big Moments in April and a crazy news cycle continuing unabated, the TV Ad Market Stays Flat as Big Auto Continues to Decline

May 18th 2017

National Advertising Market Sees Incremental Q1 2017 Growth

TV and Digital Continue to See Volume Increase, but Growth Rates are Leveling Out.

April 25th 2017

February Shows First Signs of Slowing Ad Market in Recent Months

Standard Media Index (SMI), the company bringing transparency to advertising data, today unveiled updated figures for February 2017. SMI total market closed the month flat with no change on a year-on-year basis. The market also registered the lowest growth rate to digital advertising spend since it started monitoring ad expenditures in 2009.

March 25th 2017

New Data Shows Excessive Increase in Digital Ad Spend Negatively Influence Sales

New Data Shows Excessive Increase in Digital Ad Spend Negatively Influence Sales

March 17th 2017

TV and OOH Take Dollars from Digital in First Month of 2017

Ad market remains strong as spend begins to shift further back to traditional mediums while digital growth levels out.

February 24th 2017

SMI 2016 Ad Spend Summary

Digital Ad Spend Slows in 2016, Television Remains Champ.

January 25th 2017

Football Continues To Control Television Market Volatility, Low Ratings Finally Catch Up With the NFL

Extremely Strong November 2015 Makes 2016 Look Rocky, Second Lowest YoY Digital Growth since 2009.

December 21st 2016

Standard Media Index Adds New Product and Partnership Lead, Scales Strategic Operations

Former TiVo Executive Boon Yap Joins SMI to Help Capitalize on the Growing Opportunity of Attribution.

December 1st 2016

New Year Starts off with a Bang, Driven by Big Gains in Sports & Politics

MLB World Series Doubles Ad Revenue for FOX, NFL Grows Despite October Rating Declines and Cable News Stations Peak in Last Weeks of Election.

November 24th 2016

Collapse of Fantasy Football Spend Bites Hard Into TV Results in September

Rio Olympics and Digital Growth propel Q3 2016 to Strongest Q3 on Record.

October 7th 2016

Continued TV Strength Points to Strong Upfront

As the dust settles from last month’s upfront presentations, the television sector showed that it was moderately more vibrant in May than it was the same time a year ago – a positive sign as negotiations for TV’s 2016-17 upfront marketplace gain pace.

June 22nd 2016

Sales Grow Faster for Advertisers Upping TV Spend

New study: Sales of 12 fast-growing advertisers grew 15% after TV spend increased 26% over two years.

June 10th 2016

TV Ad Spend Jumps as Digital’s March Slows

Continued strength of the TV market points to a strong Upfront.

May 24th 2016

World-first SMI Partnership Delivers a New Standard in Industry Ad Spend Reporting

SMI report shows Australian news media ad revenues totalled $2.4 billion in 2015.

May 12th 2016

Broadcast and Digital Help Q1 Finish on a High

March SMI data shows advertisers look for big, measurable audiences in fragmenting market.

April 22nd 2016

U.S. Ad Expenditure Racks Up 10% Growth in February

SMI’s latest data shows higher ad investment in all media sectors, except print.

March 18th 2016

Ad Market Ends 2015 on a High Note

New SMI data shows all media sectors, except magazines, grow in Q4.

January 26th 2016

Ad Market Surges 23% in November, Delivers Record Number

Latest SMI data logs steep increases across all media sectors.

December 18th 2015

International Ad Spend Soars 7.2% Higher in Q3

Pharma, Tech and Auto Advertisers Drive the Gains.

December 16th 2015

US Advertising Market Drops in October, Driven by Soft TV Upfront Spend

Standard Media Index reports Q4 kicked off with -4% decline in total ad spend.

December 5th 2015

September Ad Market Uptick Despite Soft TV Spend

Standard Media Index data records robust Q3 driven by digital, OOH and newspapers.

October 21st 2015

TV Posts Big Gains at Start of New Broadcast Year

New SMI report points to vibrant ad spending across almost all media sectors.

October 19th 2015

Exclusive Digital Ad Data Brings Deeper Visibility to Market

Standard Media Index delivers the most accurate digital ad spend data to marketers.

October 8th 2015

August Ad Market Records Highest Growth This Year

Standard Media Index data shows growth in almost all media sectors bar Broadcast TV.

September 22nd 2015

Vibrant July Ad Market Lifted by Digital and OOH

Standard Media Index’s July data points to no recovery for TV despite major broadcast events.

August 20th 2015

How Much Ad Revenue is Digital Really Stealing from Traditional Media?

With marketer demand for digital media exploding, a new Standard Media Index (SMI) analysis has been able to pinpoint with a high level of accuracy just how much the shift to new media has cost the traditional channels.

July 30th 2015

Digital and Out-Of-Home Star in May Ad Market

Standard Media Index’s data shows the TV sector continues to decline in the face of falling ratings.

July 18th 2015

June Ad Market Hit by Absence of 2014 World Cup Dollars

Standard Media Index’s Q2 report shows modest overall growth for the quarter.

June 21st 2015

U.S. Ad Spending Up +5% to Kick Off Year, Despite Soft TV Market

Standard Media Index’s data shows the TV sector continues to decline in the face of falling ratings.

June 18th 2015

Ad Market Stays Flat in April, Digital Media Surges

Standard Media Index’s data shows TV advertisers continue to shift dollars to digital.

May 22nd 2015

UK Ad Market Jumps 4.9% in Q1, Powered by TV and Digital

Standard Media Index’s latest data shows TV grew 8.8% and digital rose by 8.6%.

April 28th 2015

National TV Ad Market Uptick in March Lifts Q1 Results

Standard Media Index’s March data shows slight broadcast comeback as cable stays strong.

April 18th 2015

Global Ad Spending Soars to Record Levels in 2014

Standard Media Index compares its U.S, U.K. and Australian ad spend data.

March 13th 2015

US Ad Market Stalls in Q4 2014, Led by Lackluster TV Sector.

Standard Media Index’s Q4 report says digital spend hit $7.6B, up +15%.

January 21st 2015
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