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Standard Media Index.  Don’t Estimate, Know.

Standard Media Index, in conjunction with our agency and brand partners, makes it possible for the industry to have a real-world view into advertising spend by product category, ad revenue to media publishers and digital platforms, media pricing including CPMs, and future-booked commitments.

How We Help

Content Owners and Rights’ Holders

Content owners and rights’ holders use SMI data to help support distribution negotiation strategy with media distributors (networks, stations, streaming services, and the like). They can better gauge content lifecycle revenues with more accurate pricing and ad spend data.

Gauge In-Market Ad Revenue

Use both SMI’s pool (SMI Core) to size the Video and Audio Marketplaces. Use SMI’s full market data (SMI AccuTV) to gauge ad revenue by program using our best-in-class paid unit costs as well as estimate ADU levels (unpaid units) to make sure your content is valued appropriately by your distributors.

Manage Content Lifetime Value

Use SMI’s ad revenue and pricing datasets to gauge revenue potential from current and future distribution sources. Create trade-off analyses and manage strength and weakness across all video platforms by property. Explore global platforms and distributors using SMI’s growing list of Pool markets.

Negotiate Stronger

Rights’ Holders can track and profile their own live events to gauge market potential for broadcast and Digital rights deals. They can also review other leagues and events to gauge market growth and Digital streaming impact.

Standard Media Index. Don’t Estimate, Know.

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

Learn more