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Standard Media Index.  Don’t Estimate, Know.

Standard Media Index, in conjunction with our agency and brand partners, makes it possible for the industry to have a real-world view into advertising spend by product category, ad revenue to media publishers and digital platforms, media pricing including CPMs, and future-booked commitments.

How We Help

Brands and Consulting Firms

Brands and consulting firms can evaluate market trends for their (or their client’s) product category. They can work with their agency to obtain campaign-level tracking (for their own campaigns only) to support modeling and other advanced analytical endeavors.

Track Your Competitive Set

Optimize your advertising efforts by comparing your own media and advertising mix against that of your competitive set. Gauge Digital development and adoption by the market and your competitive set.

Track the Advertising Market

Use SMI’s pool and full market data products to track the advertising marketplace by intersecting media publisher, advertiser product category, and media distribution platform. Explore global platforms and media distributors using SMI’s growing list of Pool markets.

Procurement and Media Pricing

Help justify your marketing and advertising budgets by tracking pricing trends with SMI Pricing Intelligence Suite. Understand the “big picture” at both the media platform and publisher levels, and by Upfront and Scatter in the National TV marketplace (U.S. only).

Standard Media Index. Don’t Estimate, Know.

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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