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Australia and New Zealand

SMI’s new Trans Tasman report provides the first overview of combined ad spend across the Australian and New Zealand media.

The report covers the years 2009-2019 and details changing media share mixes and product category movements over that time.

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Standard Media Index delivers the only actual ad spend data in each of the Australia and New Zealand markets with the data available for all media, including the hard-to-access Digital media. Monthly ad spend detail is also provide for all media sectors (including Search, Social and Programmatic media in the Digital space), all geographic markets and for all individual media groups. In Australia SMI publishes the only accurate ad spend detail for 41 Product Categories and 126 Sub Categories – providing advertisers accurate share data across all media for the first time – while in NZ there are 36 Parent Categories and 96 Sub Categories. This gives all media stakeholders the first true cross-platform view of Category-based ad spend, enabling them to make important decisions based on real market trends.

Ad spend detail is also provided for all Digital Ad Formats (including the market’s only Online Video ad spend detail) and the Static and Digital Outdoor Ad Formats. In Australia, SMI can also provide insights on Digital Buy Type detail (direct vs. third-party) and by Agency Market (Sydney Agencies ad spend vs. Melbourne Agencies ad spend).



Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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