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Content Owners


See the revenue your content generates across all platforms.

With information coming directly from the media agency booking systems, SMI can show you exactly how much the major publishers are making from your content.

SMI enables content owners to plan for negotiations with the distributors of your content with greater surety. Having inflated estimates from other services means your negotiation strategy can be shot down in the first 5 minutes of a meeting with a distributor. Over inflated estimates can also set unrealistic expectations internally and many sales teams have not been able to deliver on management expectations due to the unrealistic estimates being generated by services that don’t have the actual booking data and who rely on flawed and out of date rate cards.

SMI has the industry’s only accurate and granular database of advertising spend sourced directly from the ad agencies, so you can understand with great accuracy how much your partners are making from your content and can negotiate with two feet firmly on the ground. Get a clear and realistic view on your contents performance which leads to a more successful commercial outcome.

Make smarter decisions with the support of SMI data today.

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Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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