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Other ad spend tools can overestimate figures by 50% or more. Not particularly helpful.

With information coming directly from the media agencies, SMI’s cost and spend data have proven to be within 1 – 2% of media owners’ internal figures.

SMI enables media owners to evaluate market share by media type, analyze trends across ad formats, improve pricing strategies, and determine cross-platform movement in many advertiser categories.

In the digital space, media owners can look under the hood of both legacy and emerging publishers. See the ad formats that are earning your competitors the most revenue and the advertiser categories footing the bill. View the breakdown of each media company’s digital versus traditional platforms and share key categories by publisher to gauge client relevance.

SMI has the industry’s only accurate and granular database of advertising spend sourced directly from the ad agencies, so you can build competitive sets against other properties. Gain leverage and increase bargaining power for your media buying negotiations.

Make smarter decisions with the support of SMI data today.

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Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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