Pricing Intelligence Suite

Standard Media Index is bringing clarity and accessibility to advertising. By obtaining raw invoice data from major media buying groups across the globe and then organizing that data, SMI provides the most accurate view into the advertising marketplace.

Digital CPM Pricing

  • The most comprehensive digital pricing benchmarks in the market
  • Exclusive digital video classification including TV Everywhere, OTT Pureplay, Programmatic, Social buys and more
  • Industry first average CPMs by Publisher, Placements, Ad Type, Ad Format and Publisher Type, as well as Price Impact Attribute weighting by targeting tactic, ad format, ad duration, buy type and more

TV Traditional Audience eCPM

  • Combines SMI’s granular ad pricing data with global measurement and trusted demographic-based audience measurement
  • Demo-Based eCPMs provide a new and enormously actionable television cost intelligence for the advertising industry
  • Provides access to effective CPM and unit cost data at a program, network, station, and demographic level, and will allow advertisers to make more informed decisions by offering visibility and valuation into delivered audience
  • Utilizing all traditional age/gender demographics
  • Breakouts by day part, programs and more

TV Advanced Audience eCPM

  • Leveraging over 100 advanced audience segments
  • Quarterly and annual price inflation

Make smarter decisions with the support of SMI data today.

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