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Product Category Ad Spend Detail – AU and NZ Markets

SMI publishes the only real – not estimated – advertising expenditure data for all product categories by capturing anonymised client bookings from our Agency partners and then assigning that detail to individual product categories.

Our unique data source delivers the following benefits:

  • Category ad spend insights now available for all major media owners
  • Category ad spend for all Digital media and sectors such as Programmatic, Search and Social ad spend
  • The only data source enabling Category bookings across all media
  • The ability to continually create new categories as new `hot spots’ of ad spend emerge
  • The only Category ad spend data for all Digital and Outdoor ad formats (Online Video, DOOH, Display etc).
  • In Australia, Category spend is also shown by Agency Market ie what proportion of Electrical Retailers ad spend came from Sydney Agencies v Melbourne Agencies?
  • Forward Ad Demand detail for all Categories for the future 3 months
  • All Category ad spend data updated twice a month

The latest list of AU and NZ Parent Categories and their more granular Sub Categories is provided below:

SMI AU Parent and Industry Ad Spend Category List

Parent Category Industry Sub Category
1 Government Government
2 Education Universities
Schools (Private/Public)
Vocational Training/Other Tertiary
3 Health Care Hospitals (Public, Private, Comm)
Health Care Products/Services
4 Seniors/Retirees Seniors/Accomm/Services
5 Domestic Banks Home Loans
Savings/Term Deposits
6 Business Business Services
Business Branding
7 Recruitment Recruitment
8 Building Builders/Construction/Additions
Building Products/Tools/ Equipment
9 Media Newspapers/Magazines
TV Stations/Radio Stations
Online Media
10 Communications Mobile Comms Providers/ Retail
Internet Providers/Services
Other Comms Services
11 Technology Computers/Hardware
Computer Software /Services
12 Movies/Cinema/Theme Parks Movies/Cinema/Theme Parks
13 Food/Produce/Dairy Diet/Health Foods
Milk/Dairy/Produce/Baked Goods
Cereals/Breakfast Foods
Confectionery/Snacks/Dessert Items
Prepared Meals/Frozen Foods
14 Alcoholic Beverages Beer Domestic
Beer Imported
15 Non Alcoholic Beverages Tea/Coffee
Soft Drinks/Water/Juice
Sports/Energy Drinks
16 Retail Department Stores
Office/Hardware Retailers/Products
Electrical Retailers
Discount Stores/Online Retailers
Garden/Outdoor Living Retailers
Supermarkets/Convenience Stores
Alcohol Retailers
Shopping Malls/Operators
17 Home Furnishing/Appliances Small Appliances/Electrical Accessories/Other
White Goods
Homewares/Household Fixtures & Fittings (Non-Electrical)
18 Pharmaceuticals Analgesics
Pharma Brand/Sponsorship
Other Pharmaceutical Products
19 Toiletries/Cosmetics Skin Care
Other Toiletries
Hair Care Products
Oral Care Products
20 Gambling Lottery Providers
Wagering Companies
Casinos/Gaming Operators
21 Sport Major Sporting Codes
Sporting Clubs/Gyms/Other
22 Utilities Electricity Services/Gas Services
Water Services
Solar Energy Services
23 Fuel/Gas Products/Suppliers Fuel/Gas Products/Suppliers
24 Automotive Brand
Micro/Small Cars
Medium/Large Cars
Light Commercial
Heavy Commercial
Auto Brand/Sponsorship
25 Motor Cycles/Bicycles Motor Cycles/Bicycles
26 Boats/Equipment Boats/Equipment
27 Travel Airlines
Government Tourist Bureaux
Travel Service/Agents
Auto Rentals/Recreational Vehicles
Ocean Cruise Lines
River Cruise Lines
28 Charities Health/Addiction Charities
Environment/Social Services Charities
29 Agriculture Agricultural Services
Agricultural Products
30 Real Estate Real Estate Agents/Websites
Developers/Property Investment
31 Insurance Health Insurance
Insurance Brand/Sponsorship
Life Insurance
Auto Insurance
Travel Insurance
Home/Contents Insurance
Other Insurance
32 Restaurants Quick Serve Restaurants
Casual Dining/Cafes/Bistros/Pubs
Food Delivery Services
33 Specialty Retail Optical Products/Retailers
Toys/Baby/Children's Products/Stores
Sport/Outdoor Goods Retailers
Miscellaneous Books/Music Retailers/Other
34 Household Supplies Pet Food/Products
Household/Cleaning Products
35 Auto Dealers/Parts/Services Auto Accessories/Services/Parts
Tyre Companies/Services
Auto Dealerships/Websites
36 Other Financial Services Accountants/Lawyers/Advisers
Overseas Banks
Credit Cards/Money Transfer
Credit Unions/Building Societies/Small Lenders
Wealth Management/Superannuation
37 Live Entertainment Stage Shows
38 In Home Entertainment Home Entertainment (TV)
Home Entertainment (Film)
Other Home Entertainment
39 Clothing/Fashion Accessories Apparel/Luxury Fashion/Shoes
TV/DVD/PVR/Gaming Consoles/Streaming Devices
Home Theatre Sound/DAB Radio
Cameras/Video Recorders/Products
Smartphones/Portable Electronic Devices
40 Political Parties/Industry Associations/Union Political Parties/Industry Associations/Union

SMI NZ Parent and Industry Ad Spend Category List

Parent Category Industry Sub Category
1 Airlines/Travel Agents Airlines
Travel Agents/Websites
2 Alcoholic Beverages Liquor/Spirits
3 Automotive Brand Motor Vehicles
4 Auto Dealers/Parts/Commercial Auto Dealers/Auto Associations
Auto Parts/Tyres/Additives
Auto Services/Repairs
5 Banking Banks/Credit Unions/Lending Agencies
6 Cosmetics/Toiletries/Personal Care Hair Care
Oral Care
Personal Hygiene/Shaving
Skin Care
7 Building/ Construction Builders/Construction Material/Equipment
Paint/Home Improvement
Plumbing/HVAC/Bathroom Fixtures
8 Business Services/Industrial Services Business/Courier/Legal/Management Services
Employment/Recruitment Services
Manufacturing Materials/ Equipment
9 Clothing/Jewellery/Fashion Accessories Clothes/Apparel/Shoes/Footware
Jewellery/Watches/Fashion Accessories
10 Computer/Software Companies Computer/Software Companies
Printers/Office Machines
11 Consumer Electronics Cameras/Camcorders
Portable Electronic Gadgets
TVs/Home Theatre/Gaming Consoles
12 Education Schools/Universities
Vocational/Training Schools/Online Courses
Educational Services/Products
13 Entertainment Books
Online Ticketing/Entertainment Websites
Online Music/DVDs/CDs
Major Spectator Sports/Live Entertainment
14 Other Financial Services Credit Cards/Money Transfer
Investment/Wealth Products/Services
15 Food/Produce/Dairy Cereals/Breakfast Foods
Confectionery/Snacks/Dessert Items
Dairy/Produce/Meat/Baked Goods
Prepared Meals/Frozen Foods
16 Gardening & Agriculture Agriculture/Farming/Horticulture
Gardening/Turf/Lawn Care
17 Government Government Agencies/Administrations
18 Health/Medical Products/Services Health/Fitness Facilities/Services
Hospitals/Medical Centres
Medical Equipment/Supplies
19 Home Appliances/Furnishings Furniture/Bedding/Furnishings
Home/Kitchen Appliances
20 Household Supplies/Services Air Fresheners/Cleaning Products
Disposable Paper/Plastic Goods
Laundry/Dishwashing Products
Miscellaneous Household Supplies/Services
Pet Food/Care
21 Insurance Insurance
22 Media Media Websites/Online Content Providers
TV Networks/Radio Networks
23 Motion Pictures/Cinemas Motion Pictures/Cinemas
24 Non-Alcoholic Beverages Bottled/Enhanced Water
Juice/Flavoured Beverages
Soft Drinks
Sports/Energy Drinks
25 Utilities/Fuel/Energy Electricity/Water Services
Fuel/Oil Suppliers
Gas/Solar/Energy Services
26 Organizations/Associations Charities Health/Humanitarian
Industry/Unions/Advocacy Groups
27 Other / Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Goods/Services
Office Supplies/Stationery
28 Pharmaceuticals OTC Medicines/Remedies
Prescription Medicines
29 Real Estate Agents/Developers Commercial/Industrial/Shopping Centres
Residential/Holiday Timeshares
30 Restaurants Casual/Upscale Dining/Cafes
Quick Serve Restaurants
31 Retail Department Stores
Discount Stores/Online Retailers
Supermarkets/Liquor/Convenience Stores
32 Sports Apparel/Recreation Equipment Athletic Apparel/Footwear
Boating/Recreational Vehicles
Sporting Goods/Exercise Equipment
33 Communications Business/Office/Internet Providers
Home/Residential/Internet Providers
Mobile Networks
34 Tourism/Accommodation/Travel Services Cruise Lines
Travel Services/Tourism Bureaus
35 Toys/Interactive Entertainment Interactive Entertainment
36 Specialty Retailers Specialty Retailers

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