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SMI Custom Solutions

Standard Media Index is bringing clarity and accessibility to advertising. By obtaining raw invoice data from major media buying groups across the globe and then organizing that data, SMI provides the most accurate view into the advertising marketplace.


  • Category-level media forecasts projected across the full market
  • 1 and 3 year forecasting periods with quarterly time-series analysis

Custom eCPM

  • Custom eCPM calculations based on client’s own 1st party CRM and/or viewership data
  • Custom category-level CPM calculations based on industry-specific data such as Polk (Auto), IRI (CPG), Finance (Equifax), etc.

Brand Level Estimates

  • SMI spend and pricing data mapped at the brand-level to support brand-specific spend and pricing estimates
  • Brand-level competitive analysis and benchmarking

Capital Markets

  • By combining our data with key market indicators, SMI has developed a proprietary forecasting model for top digital names i.e. Facebook, Google, etc.
  • SMI can support investor clients with ad-hoc custom reports and on-going digital datasets

Make smarter decisions with the support of SMI data today.

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Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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