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United States

Key Features of SMI’s US Market Data

Highly Granular and Accurate Insights into National Television

US television networks still depend on the traditional Upfront week, yet there are few reliable details about the results of this period. Consequently, many planning and research teams are left with only internal data while handling big decisions that shape the broadcast season. Such limited insight can hurt negotiations and weaken bargaining power.

SMI has the industry’s only accurate source of Upfront and Scatter information to provide a true picture of all network billings and buys, updated monthly. Plus, dimensions range from program to daypart to ADUs to new vs repeats. That gives SMI clients the most complete and granular picture of the marketplace available.

Deep Dives into Digital Ad Formats

Cross-Platform Views into Media and Ad Type Allocations

Forecasts for the US Media Marketplace

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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