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SMI Consult

Revealing Your Product Category Story, its Future and Influence

What is SMI Consult?

SMI Consult delivers the most detailed and accurate view of your Product Category’s current and future advertising expenditure trends by leveraging SMI’s exclusive access to media Agency advertising payment data.

With full access to SMI’s premium category ad spend data, SMI Consult unlocks the story of your Product Category’s evolving ad spend along with the impact your Category has – and is continuing to have – across a range of media.

What Industry Analysis Do We Provide?

SMI is the only group able to detail the complete picture of your Category’s ad spend, including actual ad spend trends for Programmatic, Search and Social media and Digital and Static Outdoor.

We also have the only access to Category Forward Pacings data – your Category’s combined guaranteed advertising payments for the future three months – which shows how your Category’s future demand is tracking, and how its demand levels have changed over time. And we offer a forecasting service that combines the Category Forwards with 13 years of actual historical category ad spend to deliver the most accurate ad spend industry forecasts.

SMI’s market specialists combine the insights gleaned from SMI’s actual media Agency payment data with their industry knowledge to detail these changes, then bring the story to life with a range of graphical illustrations. The reports also include commentary on the category’s growth/changes relative to the broader media market and an update on the latest overall advertising market demand.

SMI can also deliver clients share of advertising voice analysis (both current and historic shares) of their industry’s ad spend should they wish to provide their ad spend detail.

What Ad Spend Data Do We Use for Analysis?

Exclusive SMI data points accessed by SMI’s media specialists include:

  • Access to ad spend for 41 `Parent’ Product Categories and 140 Sub Categories
  • Digital media programmatic, social media, search, affiliate, video site, content site ad spend
  • Digital Video, Display, Audio and Native ad format spend data
  • DOOH and Static Outdoor ad format spend data
  • Average Category ad spend for all Digital and Outdoor media sectors
  • Product Category ad spend for 45 media sectors including FTA TV, Subscription TV – Direct, Subscription TV – Automated, Metropolitan Radio, Regional Radio, Regional TV, Regional Press, Consumer, Trade and Newspaper Magazines
  • Category Forward Pacings data (confirmed spend for the future 3 months)
  • Active Digital Advertiser Lists
  • Continuous data history from January 2007

Please head to the link below for the full list of AU and NZ Product Categories on which SMI reports ad spend, plus more detail on how the Category ad spend can be viewed.

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Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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