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Media and Category Ad Spend Databases

SMI’s databases – accessed via our SMI Dataminer publishing software – deliver the most comprehensive insights available into all aspects of Media and Category advertising expenditure. Organised into seven main media, 56 media sectors and by media owner, the databases are used by major media, financial analysts, advertisers and other media stakeholders to understand their place in the changing media market so they can best position their businesses to benefit from those changes.

SMI’s databases have the only monthly ad spend detail for all Digital search, social media and programmatic companies plus comprehensive detail on ad expenditure across all major media down to the individual channel, radio station or website.

They also contain the only true picture of Product Category advertising expenditure for more than 150 individual product categories. This detail is also available across all media and media sectors, giving media stakeholders the only true picture on how specific categories are influencing the fortunes of major media. A comprehensive list of all data available in these databases is available in the SMI Consult section.

Please head to the link below for the full list of AU and NZ Product Categories on which SMI reports ad spend, plus more detail on how the Category ad spend can be viewed.

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Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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