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What You Need to Know About the Advertising Market this Upfront Season

The 2017 Upfront Season is in full swing. Networks like Discovery, Scripps, A+E, and AMC are already making statements not only with program highlights, but with key data insights, and the role of audience measurement and targeting, as part of the Upfront buying process. Multi-platform is key as well, as it is important to not only understand linear TV, but how it interacts with an audience’s digital behavior.

The challenge for buyers and content owners alike is – how can you actually evaluate the market place? With broadcast ratings down, cable news ratings soaring, and sports flattening, how do you know where to focus your investment? It’s not the same market it used to be, and ratings alone doesn’t tell the whole story. The reality is, there isn’t enough accurate information in the market place around the Upfront and Scatter TV markets and, the intersection with digital. Understanding how the market behaves around certain events, and what the emerging trends are, is vital to better planning, and making more strategic decisions.

In this slightly abridged guide, SMI is shining a light on ad spend in the TV Upfront market, and filling in industry gaps to help you make the right decisions for this Upfront season. The SMI Guide to the Upfronts is full of real, actionable ad spend data, giving an unrivaled look at the advertising industry this Upfront season.

While this Guide is full of information – you probably noticed the word abridged. We can’t give it all away for free. So, if you like what you see – but need even more insights, get in touch to see what SMI can do for you.

Download the slight abridged SMI Guide to the Upfronts to learn:

  • What’s trending in National TV marketplace
  • How TV dollars are migrating to Digital
  • What Dgital advertising are spending across top platforms
  • How VOD market fits into TV and Digital
  • What the health of Upfront and Scatter markets are
  • Insights from last year’s Upfront season to heed this year
  • The top categories of advertisers to watch
  • Which regular programs, sporting and special events are pulling top dollars

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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