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By the Numbers: How Canada’s ad slump will affect rates

Author: Bree Rody

The pandemic that forced us all into our homes and caused advertisers to retreat back to the drawing board has had demonstrable material effects on media properties of all kinds. While for the first few months this meant advertisers were likely to be able to take advantage of bonus impressions and low rates from low demand, June showed a moderate recovery that may see things change in some areas.

According to Standard Media Index, at the height of the crisis in April, ad spending had declined by 53%. May saw only a slight improvement, with spend still down 49% from the previous May. But June saw a more significant recovery, up 11 percentage points. SMI’s data shows that June was down 38% from last June.

CARD caught up with SMI CEO James Fennessy to discuss where the recovery is smoothest and how rates could be affected as a result.

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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