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Premium video content command higher CPM’S than linear TV
July 1, 2021
SMI recently launched two new products: a digital CPM report for streaming video and a traditional and advanced audience effective cost-per-thousand (eCPM) for linear TV.

Ad spending surges 56% in May, all media except magazines rise
June 18, 2021
U.S. ad spending continued to rebound in May, according to a new, enriched database from Standard Media Index.

Standard Media Index Extends Analytics Capabilities With Groundbreaking Pricing Intelligence Suite Of Products
June 15, 2021
Standard Media Index (SMI), the world’s leading advertising intelligence company, has announced the launch of a new Pricing Intelligence Suite...

SMI Releases Pricing Intelligence Tools for Unified View of CPMs
June 15, 2021
Standard Media Index, leading data and analytics company, this week introduced software tools to help compare the cost of streaming video and lin...

To Make TV Ad Buy Analysis More Effective, SMI Adds 'Effective CPMs'
May 18, 2021
In preparation for more sophisticated forms of linear TV advertising sales, syndicated ad-spending research firm Standard Media Index is adding so-called “effective CPMs,” or eCPMs, to its database. The eCPMs are an estimate of the explicit cost of delivering the advertiser’s target audience. They are calculated by dividing the cost of the ad by the actual audience delivered, excluding so-called “bonus weight,” makegoods, etc.

New SMI Metric Allows Buyers To Compare TV, Digital Video
May 18, 2021
At a time when more ad dollars are shifting from traditional TV to digital video, research company Standard Media Index has developed a new metric that enables buyers and brands to better compare the costs of network and cable to over-the-top. The new metric is effective cost per thousand viewers–eCPM. Brands buy television based on estimates of how many viewers they expect their commercials to reach. Sometimes campaigns exceed those forecasts, sometimes they fall short and, if there’s a guarantee, the brand gets makegood ads to cover the shortfall.

March ’21 Investment Reaches Three-Year Peak, Says SMI
April 20, 2021
Standard Media Index has just released its March 2021 data, and the total monthly media investment was way up, it reports. In fact, it was up 22% versus March 2020.

TV Ad Spending Up 13% from March 2020
April 16, 2021
NEW YORK—The TV ad market saw a significant turn in March, with ad spending levels increasing 13% over March 2020 and edging closer to pre-pandemic levels of spending, according...

In First Year-Over-Year Pandemic Comp, U.S. Ad Spending Surges 22% In March
April 16, 2021
SMI provided MediaPost with a glimpse of TV ad spending, which shows demand for national TV ad inventory has rebounded, though this year's 13% gain does not yet offset March 2020's 17% decline.

Will Sports TV Advertising Return to Pre-Pandemic Form?
April 14, 2021
Standard Media Index estimates that NFL advertising revenue rose 3 per cent year-over-year for the past season, helped by the fact that there were more national games broadcast by TV partners and more ad spots per game than had been sold in previous seasons.

Awards shows are struggling to draw TV audiences. Should the Oscars be worried?
April 13, 2021
For decades, awards shows provided a front-row seat to TV viewers’ favorite performers. Even as audiences for sitcoms and dramas were siphoned away by streaming services, the...

Shift to streaming drove premium video CPM pricing up
April 8, 2021
Standard Media I found that average premium video CPMs were nearly two times higher at 192% of the total digital video market, and accounted for 43% of total digital video revenue share.