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National TV Ad Revenue Fell 9% in June to $3.2 Billion

Author: Jason Lynch
Publication: AdWeek

National TV ad revenue losses aren’t as steep as they were in the pandemic’s earliest months, but the industry still suffered from the lack of live sports programming in June, according to Standard Media Index’s AccTV data. The national ad marketplace fell just 9% year over year in June, compared to much larger drops in April (28%) and May (19%). In the second quarter overall, the national ad marketplace declined 19%, according to SMI, which tracks 70% of national ad spending from global and independent agencies.
U.S. national TV ad revenues fell 9% in June to $3.2 billion. But without June staples like the NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup Finals or MLB regular season games, national ad spending on sports fell 60% compared to 2019.

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