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Standard Media Index Extends Analytics Capabilities With Groundbreaking Pricing Intelligence Suite Of Products

Author: Business Wire

Standard Media Index (SMI), the world’s leading advertising intelligence company, has announced the launch of a new Pricing Intelligence Suite, expanding their offering to include industry first pricing solutions. The highly anticipated new product suite will include Digital CPM for streaming video, as well as Traditional and Advanced Audience eCPM (effective CPM) for Linear TV.

“SMI has enjoyed tremendous growth in the U.S. over the past six months, with our agency pool now capturing over $90B of real ad spend in the market. Our Canadian launch has been a terrific success, we are relaunching in the UK this Summer with 95% of all agency spend and will soon be releasing pool products in Spain, India and China,” said James Fennessy, Global CEO, Standard Media Index. “Our clients and partners are excited we are adding new analytics tools and insights to leverage our exclusive data, and that we’re introducing an advanced suite of pricing intelligence tools to address the increased need for better visibility into cross-screen spend and pricing.”

SMI’s new Digital CPM metrics for digital video will provide unparalleled visibility into market CPM for premium and non-premium digital video, including the OTT supply chain. Their exclusive digital video classifications explore pricing data by digital video placement type, allowing clients to compare pricing across the digital video ecosystem including TV Everywhere, OTT Pureplay, Programmatic, Social buys and more. The new data set will include average CPM by Publisher, Placements, Ad Type, Ad Format and Publisher Type, as well as Price Impact Attribute weighting by targeting tactic, ad format, ad duration, buy type and more.

“With digital video ad revenue increasing +18% in 2020, there is a crucial need for more visibility into industry pricing and market trends. SMI’s new pricing solutions will offer media buyers and sellers more transparency, and the much-needed data and insights required to optimize media strategies,” said Ben Tatta, President, Standard Media Index.

The new Pricing Intelligence Suite will also offer data sets for Traditional and Advanced Audience eCPM for Linear TV. By combining SMI’s TV unit-level pricing data, taken from real agency spend, with third party viewership and impressions data from leading measurement companies, the new product suite will include TV eCPM for both standard demo-based audiences and advanced audiences.

Combining SMI’s granular ad pricing data with global measurement and trusted demographic-based audience measurement, TV Standard Demo-Based eCPM will provide a new and enormously actionable television cost intelligence for the advertising industry. The new data set will provide access to effective CPM and unit cost data at a program, network, station, and demographic level, and will allow advertisers to make more informed decisions by offering visibility and valuation into actual audience, versus the current industry standard of buying and selling based on projected audience.

“The advertising industry is at a moment of unprecedented transformation, including various efforts to redefine media measurement metrics,” said Rick Bruner, Head of Insights and Analytics, Standard Media Index, “The convergence is accelerating, and these pricing tools will be incredibly valuable to help the industry align towards a future with more transparency and accountability, to everyone’s benefit.”

With the goal of accelerating the advertising industry’s transition to impressions-based currency, SMI will also launch an Advanced Audience eCPM product for Linear TV. The new pricing solution will provide media buyers and sellers with a powerful new tool for valuating advanced audiences across linear TV and compare it to both addressable and digital pricing where these audiences are commonplace. The data set will include effective rates for over 100 advanced audience segments.

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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