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Digital spend sees slight recovery, but still well below last year

Author: Patti Summerfield

As lockdown measures slowly loosen, digital media is seeing the strongest recovery month-over-month according to the latest report from Standard Media Index, an analysis of national spend year-to-date across all media.

After more than two months of sustained year-over-year growth, media investment in April dropped to less than half of last year’s. As lockdown measures began to lift, May saw a slight increase in investment from April, which experienced the biggest decline in market performance of -52.5%.

Although the pandemic hit the U.S. harder, due to the U.S. media market being stronger, Canada saw steeper declines in spend between March and May at -40.1% compared to the U.S. which saw a decline of -28.3%. Digital media performed much stronger in the U.S. than in Canada. With the U.S. market declining -18.4% vs Canada declining -38.3%.

James Fennessy, CEO at Standard Media Index, says that despite the May recovery, television and OOH continued to struggle due mainly to the suspension of sports programming and live events for television and lower foot and vehicle traffic lowering demand for OOH.

Standard Media Index is now a Guideline company

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