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Seeing Around Corners: A Media Leadership Series

Author: Beet.TV

Standard Media Index recently collaborated with media chronicle Beet.TV to present this series of interviews with industry leaders, exploring the growing value of ad market intelligence.

Ad-Spend Intelligence Gives Our Sales Teams Big Advantage: Fox’s Michael Falco

Information about media spending provides a roadmap for advertising salespeople looking for an advantage in the marketplace. For Michael Falco, executive vice president of revenue management and strategy at Fox Corp., data about categories of industries have been most important amid the disruptions of the pandemic. “It was such a fluid marketplace, and a lot of our clients were trying to figure out their business on the fly,” he said in this interview.

Media Fragmentation Drives Demand for Spend Data: OMG’s Nicolas Grand

LONDON – The growing number of media channels, especially over-the-top platforms that are gaining viewers, has helped to drive demand for data about media spending. Meanwhile, more advertisers are buying media through programmatic platforms despite concerns about transparency.

“The biggest challenge is the rapid morphing of all media into the programmatic ecosystem, whether it’s traditional broadcast, print or out-of-home.”

Media Measurement Is Undergoing ‘Radical’ Change: Andy Brown

LONDON – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has presented new challenges in measuring how viewers spend their time, and how advertisers should allocate their media spending to reach consumers. The challenge has been magnified with the shift to digital channels that allow for greater customization.

“One of the biggest changes I saw really over the last 10 years or so was the advent of Big Data, and the integration and use of Big Data alongside the use of primary market research, whether they be panels or surveys,” Andy Brown, strategic adviser and former chairman of market researcher Kantar Media, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Cookieless Future Renews Focus on Sustainable Media: MiQ’s Jason Furlano

TORONTO – Real-time data about media spending have become more important to advertisers as they shift their dollars into programmatic platforms to reach consumers. Programmatic marketing firm MiQ, which helps advertisers allocate their spending among demand-side platforms (DSPs),relies on a continuous stream of spending data.

“What we do is help unlock some of the insights and analytics inside of a business, connect disparate data coming into those businesses and then use them to connect programmatic media campaigns,” Jason Furlano, senior vice president of commercial of MiQ, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Cross-Platform Measurement Gains Traction in Canada: SMI’s Darrick Li

TORONTO – The Canadian media market is evolving with the greater availability of data about actual media spending that are more accurate than statistical models. That information is needed as consumer habits remain in flux during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Canada, I would say, has been a little slower to evolve tracking to become more cross-platform and omnichannel,” Darrick Li, managing director for Canada at Standard Media Index (SMI), said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Ad-Spend Data Provide Competitive Advantage: Mediabrands’ Chris Herlihey

TORONTO – The increased fragmentation of the media marketplace and rapid changes in viewing behavior have made timely data about ad spending and pricing more important. The Canadian media market isn’t any exception, as advertisers and their media agencies seek those timely insights.

“We’re always looking for the freshest market intelligence from an ad-spend and pricing perspective when it comes to investing,”

Digital Video Shines Amid Pressures on Media Spending: SMI’s Ben Tatta

The media marketplace has become much more fragmented as media and technology companies launch digital video services to lure viewership on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. As advertisers shift their media spending to those streaming channels, pricing data have become more crucial for a functioning marketplace.

“We’re coming out of 2020, where there was actually a tremendous shifting of dollars,” Ben Tatta, president of advertising intelligence company Standard Media Index (SMI), said

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