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SMI Expands Category Insights Now Available At Owner Level

Author: Jane Ractliffe

New Insights Available for Media and Advertisers

AUSTRALIA’S leading advertising intelligence company Standard Media Index is now delivering a new level of advertising insights by publishing product category spend detail for all major media owners.

The data gives the market the first all-of-media-owner view of Category ad spend, showcasing where each of SMI’s 140 Product Categories have delivered their media investment across all Digital, TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio and Cinema companies.

Unlike other services which estimate ad spend, SMI’s data is actual payment data which has been sourced directly from the payment systems of our independent and multinational media Agency partners to ensure a greater level of accuracy.

The new insights will be particularly valuable for advertisers seeking more detail on competitive ad spend within Digital media, with actual category spend detail available for companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat.

And for media owners, the data delivers a more robust view of their share of each Category’s ad spend as they can now directly compare their Category shares directly against competitors.

SMI AU/NZ Managing Director Jane Ractliffe said for the Digital media companies SMI also publishes the Category ad spend detail by Digital sector and ad formats such as online Video and Display.

“SMI already provides the most detailed Category-level ad spend data to enable tracking of changing media share splits across all major media, media sectors and ad formats,’’ she said.

“ We are now making this new category data available for advertisers and media companies wanting a more concise view of activity within their category that is not available from media agencies.’’

The new insights are available for all 140 SMI product categories which include Supermarkets/Convenience Stores, Food Delivery Services, Chemists, Skin Care, Auto Dealers/Websites, Diet/Health Foods, Hotels/Accommodation, Health Insurance, Home Loans and Smartphones/Portable Devices.

In the example shown below we feature one of the few growth categories from Q1 – the Insurance Brand/Sponsorship category – and the Digital Owner share changes within this market.

This is not the first data improvement made by SMI during the COVID period, with the company providing numerous new insights to help companies navigate the market through the downturn.

SMI has added ten new categories to its database, expanded to 140 the number of categories for which it delivers Forward Pacings ad spend and significantly broadened the Brand Value dataset it creates with Big Datr to delivers improved brand- level ad estimates across all product categories.

SMI has also been providing weekly subscriber and Agency COVID ad spend updates, detailing the latest ad spend trends not just in Australia but also the four other markets where SMI publishes ad spend data.

“We know the market has now hit the bottom from a revenue perspective, so as the media industry begins to rebuild we are ensuring the insights are available to help drive the growth everyone is seeking,’’ Ractliffe said.

For further information please contact:

Jane Ractliffe
SMI AU/NZ Managing Director
0401 704 348

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