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Standard Media Index provides the only clear picture on how ad dollars are being spent — from television to digital, sourcing our expenditure data directly from the leading global media buying firms. Data that covers 75% of all agency spend and is available in 15 global markets.
Actual ad spend. Not estimates.



Presidents of Ad Sales, CFOs, COO’s and Chief Research Officers leverage SMI’s ad spend data to gain an accurate picture of the rapidly-evolving advertising market. Understand your true market share by competitor, focus on which advertiser categories are driving demand, get a better handle on relative CPM’s across the market, see where digital dollars are coming from and where they are going to. All these unique insights enable faster, better decisions before your competitors can respond.


Portfolio Managers and Analysts in leading Buy Side firms rely on SMI’s data to make faster, better informed investment decisions around companies in the media sector. Our data comes out on the 15th of each month – giving investment professionals three looks at the data before reporting. SMI’s data tracks up to 80% of publicly-traded media companies’ advertising revenue, making this data a unique place to understand the health of individual companies – and the sector – well in advance of earnings.

Standard Media Index Dataminer
For Media
Competitive Market Intel - Power Ratios
For Finance
Performance Metrics - Export to Custom Models

Dataminer Overview

This incredibly intuitive interface wins plaudits from finance pros and media gurus alike. Quickly find and cross-tab the key data you need, whether it’s monthly Ad Sales revenue or Quarterly trends. The SMI data is easily exported and overlaid with external data sources. SMI's world-class business intelligence allows data subscribers to see new and unique industry trends within 15 days of the end of the month using one methodology across all media types and vendors.

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Over 25 different Dimensions of Data that are viewable in multiple combinations and can be overlaid against any Media Type: Media Ownership, Time Period, Geography, Genre, Buy Type, Daypart (US Only), State Source of Agency booking (AU Only).
Global Media Trees customized to each Market, featuring multiple combinations, which can be overlaid against any dimension.
SMI fuels differentiated global insights, analytics platforms, client reporting, smarter selling, cross-platform insights, power ratios.
Standard Media Index Insights
For Media
Sales Insights - Competitive Sets
For Finance
Quick Snapshots of Market Dynamics

Insights Overview

SMI Insights brings you unparalleled visibility against your competitive set. Top line, big picture trends. What ad spend dollars are going to US Weekly vs. People and what sectors have lost share? What propelled Newspapers to grow so quickly in January? Has your ad sales team really come through this quarter?

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Monthly Views into every Media Type, covering the top Owners and Master Owners, as well as examining share, growth and dollar changes across categories.
Reports identifying market-specific information, such as Scatter vs. Upfront dollars, Trends for the Broadcast Year (US Only), and how Digital Video compares to Mobile spend.
Standard Media Index Reports
For Media
Competitive Intel - Market Share - Categories Driving Growth
For Finance
Market Movements - Company Performance
For Advertisers
Category Movements across Major Media Sectors - Category spend by Digital Ad Types (formats) - Click here for AU Category

Reports Overview

SMI custom reports can bring you unparalleled insights into your competitive set. What ad spend dollars are going to CNN vs. CNBC and which of our competitors are winning or losing share? What propelled Cable to grow so quickly in the first Quarter and is this sustainable? How are we performing in the Scatter Market versus our direct competitor set?

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SMI’s Reports can provide an Overview of what’s happening in the Media Sector on a monthly basis, from Digital Ad Spend Trends to Cable and Broadcast.
Our Category Reports are deep dives into an individual Category or Media Sector, such as Automotive or Print, respectively. Click here for AU Category Reports.
SMI can create any type of report fully tailored to your needs. For example, request a report that will show how Automotive dollars are trending monthly, quarterly or yearly, across specific Media Sectors or Media Owners (Conde Nast Traveler, Google, Fox News). NOTE: Certain dimensions may be limited by Country market.


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SMI Market Overview (CYTD)
With one click, tap into the pulse of the entire Media Sector.


% Change over last CYTD

+ 13.4%


% Change over last CYTD

+ 20%


% Change over last CYTD

- 10.4%


Ad market stays flat in April, digital media surges

21 MAY 2015 SMI

The U.S ad market remained relatively flat in April despite being boosted by intensifying digital media revenues across programmatic, social media and video sites. Standard Media Index (SMI) said the total market rose by +1% both for the month and also for the calendar year-to-date, according to its latest report out today.

U.K ad market jumps 4.9% in Q1, powered by TV and digital

27 APR 2015 SMI

Television advertising revenues spiked by +8.8% in Q1 to round out a vibrant quarter for the overall market, according to global advertising data group Standard Media Index (SMI). The total ad market rose by 4.9% in Q1 year-over-year.

National TV ad market uptick in March lifts Q1 results

17 APR 2015 SMI

The television market bounced back slightly in March as advertisers increased spending to close out the first quarter, according to a new report from global advertising data group Standard Media Index (SMI) today.

Hispanics shine bright amid US television’s advertising gloom

24 MAR 2015 Financial Times

The US television industry is at a turning point, as broadcasters and cable networks digest the first evidence of what analysts say will be a long-term trend of slowing advertising sales and eroding audiences. Spanish-language channels, however, are booming.



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